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    Product nameWPM-2008A2 terminal machine with high-speed energy-saving mute terminal machine manual stripping Crimping



    Ø Features


    1, high-speed: 0.2 seconds per terminal machine crimping rate and improve the operating efficiency.


    2, the Mute: terminal machine foot pedal, the motor work. Do not step not work. So save the motor Zhanzhuan noise, and mechanical clutches and electromagnetic collision huge noise.


    3. Intelligent Control: microcomputer control terminal machine full and accurate implementation of a wide speed control, precision positioning and other basic functions. And increased worker undergo, the processor automatically cut off power supply, switching lighting and other intelligent management.


    4, energy-saving: terminal machine maximum energy consumption savings for 10 × 250W = 2.5KW/Hrs. This machine was 40000 × 0.2 (seconds / pcs) / 3600 × 250W = 0.556KW/Hrs, comp. Energy savings of nearly single-class single 2KW


    5, the long-term maintenance: electrical control terminal machine instead of mechanical clutch or electromagnetic clutch, the effective elimination of the mechanical contacts between the rigid and reduce the wear and tear. Furthermore, all transmission components through hydrogen charging treatment, increased strength and wear resistance. Reducer and motor with precision shots power source.




    Terminal machine specifications


    Volume : W300XD280XH450 (unit mm)


    Pressing force : 2.0 TON


    Weight : 60kg


    Travel : 30mm


    Power : AC220V; 50HZ


    Power : 550 W


    Safety device: TDC Sensor



    Quality and service terminal machines


    First, the mechanical parts of the machine long three-year warranty (excluding wear parts).


    Second, the terminal machine gear motor with Italy, warranty of two years.


    Third, the machine is ultra-quiet design, and install the collection of paper, and meet environmental requirements.


    Fourth, rapid cassette mold base, mold change easily, saving time, interchangeability of mold base, and can be replaced by a variety of molds.


    Fifth, the company provides training, installation, debugging, maintenance, repair train services.


    Six, 6 months regular follow-up maintenance, provision of safe machine parts and tool inventory.

    WPM-2008A2 terminal machine with high-speed energy-saving mute terminal machine manual stripping Crimping
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